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With a 50-year heritage of handcrafting custom retail fixtures, Stirling Furnishings helps golf industry professionals create an unforgettable pro shop experience.

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Pro Shop Fixtures

Your needs are as unique as your course, that’s why we take a totally custom approach to helping you display golf apparel and merchandise in your pro shop. Our customer-centric consultative approach ensures your fixtures meet both your exacting standards and ours.

Pro Shop Project Highlight

Stirling Pro Shop Table Assembly
Pro Shop Fixtures - Club Stand Assembly
Pro Shop Fixture 2 Way Assembly
Pro Shop Fixture 2 Way Assembly
Stirling Pro Shop Gondola Assembly
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Mixing finishes adds interest and charm to this collection of pro shop fixtures. The nested table set includes a larger cherry wood table paired with a smaller, white distressed table. The custom golf club display neatly showcases putters, irons and woods. The cherry wood two-way and four-way displays feature adjustable faceouts/waterfalls and finally the white distressed two-sided and three-sided gondolas feature adjustable shelves and faceouts.

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Designing Your Shop

If you’re thinking about a Pro Shop Renovation, here are a few considerations that will help get you moving in the right direction.

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