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Stirling’s Heritage of Craftsmanship

At Stirling, our team of skilled craftsmen have been handcrafting custom retail fixtures in Wisconsin since 1969. Founded as Sturdi-Craft Industries, we’ve built our business on a heritage of quality and integrity offering you a unique, customer-centric, approach with limitless options — if you can dream it, we can build it.

Meet Your Project Team

At Stirling, your project is our priority. Our team of engineers, project managers and support staff is here to ensure your retail vision becomes a reality.

John Makowski - President

John Makowski

Terese Erny - Vice President - Stirling Furnishings

Terese Erny

Vice President
Patti McNair - Director of Business Development

Patti McNair

Dir. of Business Development
Diana Zarr - Office

Diana Zarr

Amanda Burow - Project Manager

Amanda Burow

Project Manager
Aaron Sedman - Project Manager

Aaron Sedman

Project Manager
Mike Sellhausen - Engineer + Assembly

Mike Sellhausen

Alan Obermann - Engineer + Assembly

Alan Obermann

Mark Giacomini - Engineer + Assembly

Mark Giacomini


Meet Our Craftsmen

We’ve been in business for more than a generation, and our career-focused craftsman pay attention to every detail to deliver you the highest quality custom retail fixtures available on the market.

Bill Tannis - Manufacturing

Bill Tannis

Tim Pilachowski - Manufacturing + Assembly

Tim Pilachowski

Tom Jackson - Manufacturing + Assembly

Tom Jackson

Dale Popp - Manufacturing + Assembly

Dale Popp

Steve Hartin - Manufacturing + Assembly

Steve Hartin

Dale Steffan - Manufacturing + Assembly

Dale Steffan

Dale Pielmeier - Manufacturing + Assembly

Dale Pielmeier

Jeff Jahnke - Manufacturing

Jeff Jahnke

Roger Forst - Manufacturing

Roger Forst

Steve Recter - Assembly + Manufacturing

Steve Recter

Joel Lex - Shop

Joe Lex

Joel Garcia - Shipping

Joel Garcia

Bradley Chandley

Bradley Chandley

Jason Gebhardt - Finishing

Jason Gebhardt

Ramon Roman - Finishing

Ramon Roman


About the Prestwick Companies

The team at Stirling Furnishings was warmly welcomed into the Prestwick Companies in 2017. The Prestwick Companies’ brands cover a wide variety of industries including golf courses, hospitality, health care facilities, high-end retailers, venues and arenas and more. Its top customers include The University of Wisconsin – Madison, Capital One’s Corporate Offices, Walt Disney World Resorts, Mercedes Benz Stadium, Whistling Straits, as well as more than 10,000 other customers. Founded in 1997 and family-owned, The Prestwick Companies strive to serve not only their customers but their employees and the surrounding community.

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